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An Inspiring Desk


Makes you want to sit in a bay window and do a little work right?  Custom Desk by Lo.Ca.

More to come.

And a few more…

San Lorenzo Details

Todd Johnson Sofa

Interior design in progress.  By

An Apple a Day

I love that in a city as large as LA my family doctor has an exam table like this.  I’m sure there are design shops on Beverly Blvd. that would love to get there hands on it.  You’re so cool Dr. Horowitz.

Have a Seat

I like the shape of this bench.  If the arms and legs were a little more delicate and it was upholstered, it would make a kick-ass outdoor sofa.

Outside the Box

I love that their heads are breaking the line.  Wood Chest by Arthur Mathews 1910.

Rag Rug

Rug by Claudia Mills