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Not Exactly Love

But something like it.  Don’t you think?

A Study in Texture

Taken from the High Line

Intricate Detailing

I wish I could do this myself.

Quintessential LA

Courtyard Apartments.  I love the black cat.  I can just look at that concrete and tell it was poured in Los Angeles in the 1920′s.  The color and texture are so recognizable.

Tweety Bird

Just a cute park mural.  Crazy color and texture combinations.

Nice Geometry

I would love to design a round house.  I’m inspired by Becket’s Mark Taper Forum.

Just an Idea

This would be a great finish for a shower wall.


Oaxacan Beadwork

Stack it Up

This tile is pretty bad ass.  I wish I could say I picked it out but no, my client did.  No grout needed.

Our Version of the Beach

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