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Tweety Bird

Just a cute park mural.  Crazy color and texture combinations.


I’m sketching more.  Ready to start designing some botanical patterns.

SanLo Rug for Real

Here’s a detail of the finished custom rug designed by  We think everyone needs a dash of color in their life.

More from the Past

Colors on an old merry-go-round.


Some things really only look good on paper.  Why are bug drawings always beautiful?  When they’re right in front of me it’s just not the same.

Just some beautiful Tiles.

Street Art

Beautiful graffiti in Queens, NY.


Yet another book I bought for it’s cover.  This one doesn’t have much English in it but the illustrations are universal.

Deep Blue Sea

I wonder if I could do a painting with as much depth as this photo.  Layer upon layer upon layer of blue  gray white green purple red brown.  The fog and the smog and the ocean are perfect for each other.  Photo by


Oaxacan Beadwork