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At your local theatre.

Signs of Autumn

Accidental leaf imprint on a sidewalk.

An Apple a Day

I love that in a city as large as LA my family doctor has an exam table like this.  I’m sure there are design shops on Beverly Blvd. that would love to get there hands on it.  You’re so cool Dr. Horowitz.

They just don’t make ‘em like they used to.

Playgrounds that is.  I used to bring waxed paper to this slide and just ZOOM down.  The plastic they use these days sucks compared to this.

Scenes from Indiana

Only in Hollywood

would the subway  be decorated with film reels and be completely empty at 4pm on a Thursday.  The only thing missing from the scheme is the red carpet.

Act One

Phantom of the Opera set from 1925.  Oldest standing film set.  Pretty Cool.

Hungry for Art?

This logo was the best part of the exhibit.  This and the fruit wallpaper used in the front room.


This room at LACMA has such a bizarre feel.  Cavernous room with yellow lights and blue tinted windows.  I don’t really want to look at the art.  Just the blue reflection on the floor.

Point Vicente

The heavily guarded lighthouse is being protected by the US Military for some reason.  Look at all that open space in a place that has the fewest urban parks in the nation.