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Stylish Los Feliz

A clean and crisp Los Feliz redo.  Architecture by Mike Jacobs, Photos by Michael Wells, Styling by Lo.Ca

San Lorenzo Details

Quintessential LA

Courtyard Apartments.  I love the black cat.  I can just look at that concrete and tell it was poured in Los Angeles in the 1920′s.  The color and texture are so recognizable.


The Southbay has some of the ugliest buildings in Los Angeles County.  This beauty is right on the Pacific Ocean.  But at least it’s a little more interesting than those Spanish/Italian Ralph’s Strip Mall Multi-Million Dollar McMansions to the left of it.


Beautiful Skylight

Warao House

The Warao  build their houses along a river or over a swamp in the Orinoco delta.  Palm trees left standing with their foliage lopped off, often serve as the four corner posts of the house.

Museum of Natural History, NYC

A Simple Brown House

I just like the scale of this house in it’s surroundings.  It’s the opposite of McMansion.  I know we all don’t have a couple of acres, but do we really need to build to the property line?  Does a family of four REALLY need more than 2500 sq. ft.?

Only in Hollywood

would the subway  be decorated with film reels and be completely empty at 4pm on a Thursday.  The only thing missing from the scheme is the red carpet.


Yet another book I bought for it’s cover.  This one doesn’t have much English in it but the illustrations are universal.

Point Vicente

The heavily guarded lighthouse is being protected by the US Military for some reason.  Look at all that open space in a place that has the fewest urban parks in the nation.