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Color from 1932

Stunning use of color from the year my Grandmother was born.

at LACMA by Stanton Macdonald-Wright

Not Exactly Love

But something like it.  Don’t you think?

Octopus Mosaic


Pine Nuts

Pine Cone

I’ve never seen pine nuts in a pine cone before.  Beautiful!

Let it Snow

Here’s a snowflake I drew on my front door.

And a few more…


Banksy, Art, Street, NYC, Tom Hanks,

Does anyone else think this is funny?  I thought it was pretty hilarious.


More from the Street


You know this would be a badd-ass wallpaper in a trendy eatery.

Street Art @ MOCA

Pain Killers

Almost 6 months since the last post.  That is sad.  But now I’m happy.  I’ve been inspired by the street art show at MOCA.    I started off with an attitude and finished with a smile.  It’s a great show and if you live in LA go see it.  This particular piece seems vaguely familiar.  It must be the text.  Or is it the mirror?

Another Blinky