Let it Snow

Here’s a snowflake I drew on my front door.

And a few more…

San Lorenzo Details


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Does anyone else think this is funny?  I thought it was pretty hilarious.


More from the Street


You know this would be a badd-ass wallpaper in a trendy eatery.

Street Art @ MOCA

Pain Killers

Almost 6 months since the last post.  That is sad.  But now I’m happy.  I’ve been inspired by the street art show at MOCA.    I started off with an attitude and finished with a smile.  It’s a great show and if you live in LA go see it.  This particular piece seems vaguely familiar.  It must be the text.  Or is it the mirror?

Another Blinky


Blinky Palermo at LACMA.  Nice name and painting.

Intricate Detailing

I wish I could do this myself.

A Bright Idea