Star Bright

Can’t go wrong with a Paul Smith Star Rug.  Looks good anywhere.  Interior home office design by Lo.Ca – in progress.

Quintessential LA

Courtyard Apartments.  I love the black cat.  I can just look at that concrete and tell it was poured in Los Angeles in the 1920′s.  The color and texture are so recognizable.

Tweety Bird

Just a cute park mural.  Crazy color and texture combinations.

Todd Johnson Sofa

Interior design in progress.  By


The Southbay has some of the ugliest buildings in Los Angeles County.  This beauty is right on the Pacific Ocean.  But at least it’s a little more interesting than those Spanish/Italian Ralph’s Strip Mall Multi-Million Dollar McMansions to the left of it.

Now Playing….

At your local theatre.

Signs of Autumn

Accidental leaf imprint on a sidewalk.


I’m sketching more.  Ready to start designing some botanical patterns.

SanLo Rug for Real

Here’s a detail of the finished custom rug designed by  We think everyone needs a dash of color in their life.

First Earth Battalion

Fashion sketches by Michel Berandi and Simonida Tomovic.  Love it.